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Far Infrared is a part of the natural light spectrum just beyond visible light.  You can’t see this band of light, but you can feel it in the form of radiant heat. The heat you feel from the sun, for example, is infrared energy. Don’t confuse it, however, with ultraviolet light (UV), which causes sunburn and damage to your skin. Infrared heat is healthy, natural and a safe therapy for all living things.

Infrared energy produces a uniform deep heat penetration without the usual sensation of feeling hot. This is achieved by using a specific Infrared band of energy peaking at around 9.4 micons; a level designed to penetrate beyond the skin (where heat is most acutely felt) to a depth where fat resides. As this subcutaneous fat begins to heat, your body begins to thermo-regulate itself by producing sweat.

And in the process of sweating, the multiple benefits are achieved… detoxing, skin conditioning, cardio fitness, relaxation, weight loss, and emotional health.

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